Calvert Fitness

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Industry: Fitness

Micro-Grant: Grow Your Business Online

Owner: Mitch Calvert

Business Overview

Mitch Calvert, owner of Calvert Fitness, supports clients in maintaining their weight loss so they can feel their best and gain confidence. Calvert Fitness provides coaching services including fitness challenges and Mitch’s Diet Cheat Sheet that helped him lose 60 pounds. Along the way, the proud father of two has built a strong community of clients, specializing in services for busy individuals like parents and working professionals.

The Challenge

Calvert Fitness was seeking strategies to help grow their online presence. While in process of that, they also identified the need to improve their sales and leads generation and provide convenient options for perspective clients to reach them online.  

The Results

Calvert Fitness used the CDAP micro-grant to integrate a booking management system that allowed clients to book free consults online. This integration increased the efficiency of serving clients.  The business implemented social media marketing strategies and SEO’s that increased the number of organic visitors and online conversions.