Cocoabeans Gluten Free Bakery

Cocoabeans Gluten Free Bakery is a woman-owned business in Manitoba.

The owner of Cocoabeans is one of seven in her family with celiac disease. She saw an opportunity in the limited options of enjoyable gluten-free and vegan foods at conventional supermarkets. Thus, Cocobeans was born, a bakery that offered a wide selection of cookies, cakes, squares, and bread, without compromising the taste or texture. Cocoabeans caters to the gluten intolerant and other dietary restricted North American population and has grown to offer all kinds of foods such as chicken tenders, onion rings, burgers, mixes, and more. Cocoabeans now sells both directly to consumers and via wholesale channels.

Challenge & Opportunity

Cocoabeans wants to focus on growing its online channel. With a new brand identity and a refocused target market, Cocoabeans needs to overhaul its digital marketing and eCommerce strategy to optimize fulfillment, increase sales, and realize its goals. 


Cocoabeans will use the CDAP Grow Your Business Online micro-grant and eCommerce Advisory services to revisit their digital marketing plan and better integrate their back-end infrastructure to optimize their direct-to-consumer website. They plan to harness digital marketing to broaden their market reach and build brand awareness of their suite of products in Manitoba and beyond. 

Expected Results

Cocoabeans expects to reach a wider audience in North America by harnessing its online channel.