Freshcut Downtown

Location: Winnipeg, MB 

Industry: Florists

Micro-Grant: Grow Your Business Online

Owner: Melanie Bernadsky

Business Overview

Freshcut Downtown has been fulfilling Winnipeg’s floral needs since 1994. The family-owned business has since grown to become a full-service florist with pre-order, pick-up, and delivery options. They also offer workshops for their customers to practice making their own bouquets and wreaths. Committed to making unique arrangements, Freshcut Downtown brings a wide variety of flowers and plants to their community.  


The Challenge

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Freshcut Downtown experienced a huge reduction in sales as non-essential shopping was restricted. Their website was not equipped for the sudden demand for online sales. Freshcut Downtown needed to adapt and provide their customers with easy access to purchase flowers online.


Results from the Digital Adoption Plan

Freshcut Downtown used the CDAP micro-grant to execute a major website revision. The business integrated a seamless checkout process that offered more product and delivery options. These changes improved their ability to sell online and meet customer needs.