I AM LOVE Project

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Industry: Retail trade – Jewelry

Grant: Grow Your Business Online

Owner: Amy Tung

Business Overview

In 2018, Amy Tung founded the I AM LOVE Project with a heartfelt mission to make a positive impact and give back to those in need. The business offers earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are handmade by people in Manitoba facing employment barriers. The I AM LOVE Project’s core belief is that love is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or sex, and they dedicate their entire business to spreading love far and wide.

The Challenge

Amy Tung was looking to enhance the website and learn about tools that could help automate and increase sales. Many opportunities essential to a sales funnel were overlooked. Despite many efforts to hire individuals to handle their marketing, the I AM LOVE Project has faced several setbacks due to lack of experience and expertise.


Results from their Digital Adoption Plan

With the support provided by the Canada Digital Adoption Program, the I AM LOVE Project aims to drive more sales through their online store by increasing web traffic and optimizing the online ordering process. The micro-grant paved the way for sustainable growth and success for the purpose-driven enterprise.

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